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What Makes Our Fruity Alcoholic Drinks So Special?


At Jiangji Distillery, our fruity alcoholic drinks of Meijian brand and Jiangxiaobai brand are well-received around the world, so what makes our fruity alcoholic drinks so special?

Quality liquor making: There are now 4 national baijiu judges, 7 national fruit wine judges, 12 senior baijiu tasters, 9 national baijiu master distillers at Jiangji Distillery. These experts not only make up the majority of local expertise in the baijiu industry, but also make us live up to the first-tier liquor enterprise’s expertise standards in China. Each flavor of our fruity alcoholic drinks is carefully crafted and blended by our Master Distillers to ensure a truly delightful taste experience.

The Renaissance of Old Flavor: The fruity alcoholic drinks of Meijian and Jiangxiaobai are where tradition meets modernity. On the basis of inheriting the traditional liquor-making techniques, we are committed to make Chinese liquor more palate-friendly, fashion and international, and perfectly integrate traditional liquor and fruity flavor, which is more in line with the taste of modern people.

International Awards: By October, 2023, we have received 225 awards, including 189 International Spirits Competition awards, and 36 World Quality awards.

Unique appearance design: We believe that a great drink should not only taste amazing but also look stunning. Our fruity alcoholic drinks are designed to be visually appealing, with vibrant colors and eye-catching packaging. We want our customers to feel proud to showcase our fruity alcoholic drinks at their events and gatherings.

Sustainable development: Each year, these sorghum harvested from Jiangji Farm will be supplied to Jiangji Distillery to be distilled into Baijiu and fruity alcoholic drinks, which then will be transported across the country for sale. With a sustainable model, the soil in the farm will be at optimisation that rape flowers will be grown after sorghum’s harvests to promote rural tourism and boost local farmers’ income.

Some Fruity Alcoholic Drinks Flavors You Should Try Out

Here are some of our fruity alcoholic drinks flavors you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

  1. Jiangxiaobai White Grape Flavored Baijiu: The White grape flavored baijiu made from, sorghum baijiu, and concentrated grape juice is a true masterpiece of fruity alcoholic drinks. The succulent sweetness of the white grape perfectly balances the boldness of the baijiu which creates a harmonious blend that dances on your taste buds. The bottle has a net volume of 168ml which means you can enjoy the perfect amount of refreshment without overwhelming your senses.fruity alcoholic drinks
  2. Jiangxiaobai Peach Flavored Baijiu: This peach-flavored fruity alcoholic drink is made from a mixture of at least 30% peach juice and sorghum baijiu. The sweetness of the peach fills your lips and tantalizes your taste buds. With the just right alcohol content of 23 degrees, this fruity alcoholic drink is enjoyable. It is refreshing when drinking directly and versatile in mixing with other ingredients, making it very popular among young drinkers.fruity alcoholic drinks
  3. Jiangxiaobai Mixed Fruits Flavored Baijiu: As the name implies, it is a blend of various fruit juice such as lemons, oranges, and apple fruit which are infused into our Baijiu spirit. This combination of fruity alcoholic drink creates a burst of tropical flavors that is both refreshing and invigorating. With each sip, you’ll taste the sweetness of the oranges, the tanginess of the lemons, and the crispness of the apple. The Mixed Fruits Flavored fruity alcoholic drink is like a party in your mouth, with each fruit taking turns to dance on your taste buds.fruity alcoholic drinks
  4. Meijian Original Flavor Green Plum Liqueur: This liqueur uses single sorghum baijiu as the base and is perfectly blended with green plums to create a light and elegant fruity alcoholic drink. The perfect combination of fruity and floral aromas with refreshingly sour and sweet taste, giving people a high-end and elegant impression. One sip will delight your taste buds. With both good appearance and taste, it is a nice choice for casual gatherings.
  5. fruity alcoholic drinks
  6. Meijian Smoky Flavor Green Plum Liqueur: Made with specially smoked green plums, this fruity alcoholic drink reveals a very intense nose full of smoky notes. It also goes on to develop ripe plum and candied plum aromas, and has a sweet and sour taste that is rich and full. If you want to try some unique eastern smoky flavor fruity alcoholic drinks, this liqueur would be your right choice.

Why Choose Jiangji Distillery?

We take customer service very seriously and strive to provide every customer with an unforgettable experience.

Our Meijian brand and Jiangxiaobai brand are committed to letting the world enjoy the good taste from China. If you are looking for a unique, natural and authentic Chinese liquor brand and are not used to the spicy taste of Chinese baijiu, then fruity alcoholic drinks of Meijian plum liqueur series and Jiangxiaobai fruity flavored series from Jiangji Distillery will be the right choices for you. Contact us and enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable drinking experience together.

Happy tasting!

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