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Meijian: Let the World Enjoy the Good Taste from China

Brand Story

In ancient times, February was known as “The month of Plum Blossom”, and this is because the plum blossoms were in full bloom then, it could be seen everywhere, as a result, “Meijian” got its name. Enjoy a glass of Meijian Plum Wine with friends you have not seen for a long time. Meijian green plum wine takes “natural and relaxed” as its product concept. It also takes the revival of traditional Chinese wine as its brand mission and is committed to building a high-quality and best plum wine brand in China.

Meijian plum wine brand advocates that people ought to socialize face-to-face with others in this modern network society while providing its users with a relaxed and pleasant drinking experience with a sweet and sour taste. The new Chinese style that Meijian plum wine emphasizes is not a simple accumulation of retroelements, nor is it an exaggerated fusion of modern trends and ancient costume elements. Instead, it strives to be authentic and natural.

The modern dining scene for long has been integrated into the Chinese drinking culture to achieve a harmonious unity of vulgarity, Meijian plum wine is the first choice of people’s table, elegance while adding a sense of ritual and taste to the accompaniment moment.

The Four Laws of Ingenuity

It takes five years for a green plum tree to germinate from new buds, turn green leaves, and then bear high-quality plum fruits. In order to make the best plum wine brand, Meijian had been “planting trees” in the first five years before the launch of the first product. The experience in planting trees of Meijian plum wine has been summed up as “The Four Laws of Ingenuity of Eastern Plum Wine”.

First Law: More than 100 Green Plum Selections

China is home to nearly 200 species of native plums that vary in aroma, acidity, and aging. Meijian only selected 10 plum species among the more than 100 varieties found. Meijian plum wine brand strictly selects the maturity and fruit diameter of different plum species to ensure that the flavor of the variety is released in the liquor.

Second Law: More than 1700 Flavor studies

After more than 1,700 flavor tests, Meijian launched The Meijian Original flavor made of Puning green plums, Meijian Smoky flavor with a unique smoky flavor, Chenpi Meijian plum wine and Tea flavored Meijian with Chinese original elements, stepping out of the traditional Chinese plum wine.

Third Law: Strict havesting system of the green plums

These plums are handpicked and strictly selected for use hence Meijian plum wine has established harvesting standards. They only pick by hand to ensure that the green plums are intact when being used to make wine. Manual selection is done six times to ensure 90% of the picked plum are mature because some varieties require full maturity before use.

Fourth Law: Handmade single sorghum baijiu as the base liquor

Handmade single sorghum baijiu is used as the base liquor, which is graded and aged in a Longchang ancient pottery jar. The aroma of the handmade single sorghum baijiu is pure and elegant and without overpowering the plum aroma, neutralizing the sourness or astringency and sweetness of the plum, it balances the taste and brings elegant, floral and fruity aromas to the Meijian plum wine. Part of the liquor body is aged in Chinese Mongolian oak barrels. The breathing pores of the pottery jar increase the infiltration of oxygen. This improves the oxidation-reduction reaction of the liquor body, hence improving the aging degree of the liquor.

Meijian plum wine

International Awards

Meijian has always been striving to become the best plum wine brand in China during which it has been recognized by many interantional liquor and wine specialists.

In 2019, Meijian Green Plum Liqueur Original Flavor won the Silver Award at the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition (HKIWSC)

In 2020, Meijian Green Plum Liqueur Smoky Flavor won the Silver Award at the International Wine & Spirits Competition (IWSC);

In 2021, Meijian Green Plum Liqueur Original Flavor and Meijian Green Plum Liqueur Smoky Flavor won the Gold Award at Monde Selection in Belgium;

In 2022, Meijian Green Plum Liqueur Original Flavor and Meijian Green Plum Liqueur Smoky Flavor won the Gold Award at Monde Selection in Belgium;

In 2023, Meijian Green Plum Liqueur Original Flavor won the Gold Award at Monde  Selection and Silver Award at San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC); Meijian Green Plum Liqueur Smoky Flavor won the Silver Award at Monde Selection and Bronze Award at SFWSC.

International Market

Meijian plum wine is sold to more than 20 countries, including the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, and so on. Let the world savor the good taste from China.

If you are looking for a Chinese Liquor brand that is unique, natural, and authentic, the Meijian plum wine brand by Jiangji distillery is the right pick for you. For more information and insight about Meijian plum wine and all it’s about, visit the website and reach out to us.

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