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Expanding Globally, MEIJIAN—A Proud Chinese Brand for Overseas Chinese


The tradition of steeping green plums in alcohol can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Period of ancient China, becoming popular among the general public during the Song and Yuan dynasties. Today, this tradition has transcended time and seas, reaching the shores of Vancouver, Canada, where MEIJIAN has created a cultural sensation from the East.

On July 19th, MEIJIAN hosted a plum liqueur tasting event in Vancouver, British Columbia. Nearly 30 domestic and international liquor experts, mixologists, and industry opinion leaders gathered to raise their glasses to this oriental delight—the Green Plum Liqueur.


Crossing the Pacific Ocean

 Eastern green plums conquer the taste buds of the West

At the tasting event, guests sampled the MEIJIAN Green Plum Liqueur and Smoked Plum Liqueur. The products received rave reviews. Local liquor connoisseurs wrote tasting notes and recommendations, which were posted on social media. The unique aroma of Chinese plum liqueur attracted praise from numerous liquor enthusiasts overseas.

“The distinctive fragrance of green plums blossoms in the mouth, and the smoked flavor adapts perfectly to the discerning palates of foreign friends who enjoy peat tastes. From a professional perspective, the liquor body of MEIJIAN is extremely versatile, able to be paired with different meats, seafood and more,” said professional sommelier Kyle Gartlan-Close. MEIJIAN Green Plum Liqueur has pushed the boundaries of Chinese plum liqueur flavors to the extreme and become a shining symbol of Chinese plum liqueur overseas.

It is reported that MEIJIAN began researching the origin and flavors of Chinese green plums as early as 2014 in order to establish the brand of Chinese plum liqueur.

To preserve the unique taste of Chinese plum liqueur, MEIJIAN established four major green plum growing bases in China, conducting physical and chemical research on nearly 200 native green plum varieties and over 1,700 flavor tests before ultimately selecting the ten most suitable plum varieties for making plum liqueur.

Today, carrying the essence of Chinese fine liqueur, MEIJIAN has crossed thousands of miles to reach North America, bringing green plums nurtured in misty mountains to the dining tables of overseas friends and the Chinese diaspora. It also brings the rich and profound oriental heritage and subtle nostalgia.


MEIJIAN has made its way into 20 countries

MEIJIAN Green Plum Liqueur gains popularity in overseas market

In fact, MEIJIAN Green Plum Liqueur has made its mark overseas and received acclaim before. On April 20th this year, as the only invited Chinese liquor brand, MEIJIAN made its appearance at the UN Chinese Language Day, serving as a bridge to promote Chinese history, culture, and national spirit. It paved the way for Chinese plum liqueur brands to expand onto the broader international stage.

Previously, in June 2022, MEIJIAN was also the sole invited Chinese liquor brand at the Louvre “LES JEUX ARTISTIQUES.” In September, it participated in the Mid-Autumn Festival event held in Paris, acting as the “folk ambassador” between China and France, the two culinary kingdoms, accelerating its presence in the French market. In December, MEIJIAN once again appeared at the Téléthon Charity Dinner in Paris, where Chinese plum liqueur received high praise from nearly a hundred Michelin-starred chefs with its pairing alongside French cuisine.

According to statistics, since MEIJIAN’s official launch in 2019, it has frequently appeared in dining and liquor markets in nearly 20 countries and regions, including Germany, France, the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore, receiving praise from consumers both domestically and abroad.

MEIJIAN Green Plum Liqueur carries China’s philosophy of drinking and the essence of its landscapes to the Western world, undeniably becoming an international brand within the Chinese green plum liqueur industry.

In 2022, MEIJIAN became the first billion-yuan brand in China’s new alcoholic beverage industry. The MEIJIAN brand, with its distinctive eastern characteristics, has gradually become a prominent Chinese calling card in the field of catering culture and has integrated well with local dietary habits and culinary creativity in its overseas expansion.

“The taste of MEIJIAN liqueur gives me confidence in its journey around the world. It can be paired with so many types of food. Vancouver, Canada has many excellent Cantonese restaurants, and I believe they should consider featuring MEIJIAN on their tables. It will be an exquisite culinary experience.” commented Mark Hicken, a wine consultant and blogger.


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