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From Jiangxiaobai MIX to J-Mix, Jiangxiaobai’s New Taste Strategy of Mixed Drinks


Jiangxiaobai, as a Chinese baijiu brand, stands out from all the time-honored brands since its establishment.

Jiangxiaobai belongs to light aroma category baijiu, which has a pure liquor body. Its smooth, light and palatable taste reaches wonderful balance with other ingredients; thus, it is a perfect choice as a base liquor for cocktails and is popular among the youth.

As early as 2017, Jiangxiaobai opened a mobile pub and toured the whole country. With various juices and beverages blended with Jiangxiaobai, Jiangxiaobai Mix created a rich taste that set a trend for drinking among young consumers. In 2018, “Jiangxiaobai Pub” traveled to nearly 100 cities across China, and nearly 250,000 people experienced the charm of Jiangxiaobai Mix.

Data shows that Jiangxiaobai Mix is well acclaimed among young consumers, especially some female consumers. They say that Jiangxiaobai Mix is fun and easy to make. All you need is a bottle of Jiangxiaobai and a bottle of juice. Pour the two drinks into the glass and shake, a glass of Jiangxiaobai Mix is done. It is so easy that you can make it at home.

Jiangxiaobai Mix is popular among Chinese young consumers, which opens a gateway for it to enter the international mainstream market.

In 2019, Jiangxiaobai Pure 750 hit the market, It is specially designed for the international mainstream market. Inspired by snow mountains and rivers, the bottle body has a simple and stylish design, set against the blue sky and white clouds that align with the brand tune. This product is 750mL in size, which meets the specification standards of most spirits in the international market.

Then came the J-Mix series. In 2019, Jiangxiaobai officially launched the concept of J-Mix. With Pure 750 as the base, we gave it a try by blending it with soft drinks at the ratio of 1:3 and got a drink that consumers can DIY at home. There are three formulas: Jiangxiaobai + ginger ale, Jiangxiaobai + lemon soda, and Jiangxiaobai + juice. At the same time, we also launched six cocktails which combined with world flavor and oriental flavor in cooperation with famous bartenders.

In 2019, Jiangxiaobai took Pure 750 and J-Mix to international exhibitions in Korea, South Africa and Malaysia. Chinese flavor was brought to drinkers all over the world, and it was also the most direct and simple way for Westerners to know the flavor of Chinese baijiu.

In Africa’s Big Seven 2019, Jiangxiaobai participated in the exhibition as the only Chinese baijiu company, and the J-Mix series displayed won wide acclaim from many local consumers, including the Minister of South African Tourism who attended the opening speech, personally tasted and spoke highly of it. At the WMW South Korea, Jiangxiaobai also attracted more than 1,200 visitors to the booth through “Just Battle” hip-hop dance performance.

J-Mix was the star of the show. Consumers’ feedback showed that Jiangxiaobai + ginger ale was the most popular mixed drink.

Jiangxiaobai’s promotion of baijiu with J-Mix is not only an important attempt for Chinese baijiu brands to expand their international influence but also an example of ‘the Renaissance of the Old Flavor’ taste strategy.

Jiangxiaobai has also won many awards in international renowned spirits competitions such as International Wine & Spirit Competition and San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Jiangxiaobai is joining the international market as a “wall breaker” of the baijiu industry, bringing a new experience to the taste buds of liquor lovers all over the world.

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