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Our Blue Tour, a Summer’s Tale

The Jiangxiaobai Blue Tour at the end of last month was a 3-country-tour with the aim to deepen networks in 3 key markets. Furthermore, the arrival of the P product series was officially announced, and we promoted the joy of sorghum spirits. Connecting with our customers has always been one of the main drivers behind Jiangxiaobai products. And it seemed, that our Blue Tour was the perfect way to do exactly that, to meet our fans and to continue spreading good vibes.

In each country of the tour, we attended one major industry-related exhibition. There, we displayed old and new products at the typically sky-blue and white booths, offering refreshing mixed drinks to the interested visitors. As a crucial part of the internationalization strategy, brand-own mixology project J-Mix had to be a part of the show. So we worked with local bartenders and influencers to cater tasty samples to the crowd.

South Korea

First stop was the 17th Seoul International Wine & Spirits Expo 2019 (SIWS Expo 2019) in South Korea, the first foreign market ever for Jiangxiaobai to set foot in. For historic and cultural reasons, South Korea represents a developed region that has a better initial understanding for Chinese products, like Chinese baijiu. For example, the era of the Three Kingdoms is a popular theme that is shared by both Koreans and Chinese. The commonalities showed at the Jiangxiaobai booth, where countless expo attendants queued to get their glass of ‘Blue Hope’, the chosen booth cocktail from the J-Mix portfolio.

Blue Tour - Kuala Lumpur - Chin DibinChin

South Africa

Just one day after the SIWS Expo 2019 ended, we had already landed in Johannesburg, South Africa. From June 23 to 25, Jiangxiaobai debuted at Africa’s Big 7, the biggest food & beverage fair on the African continent. Despite the fair’s significance for the up-and-coming market, Jiangxiaobai was the only Chinese brand present representing the spirit category of baijiu. Aware of the huge opportunity and responsibility, we gave our best to leave a good impression. After all, the event also marked the first official introduction of the brand in the whole of Africa.

Africa is still a mostly untapped market with huge potential. The ever-growing ties between China and African countries pose fertile ground for Jiangxiaobai. Because more Chinese workers are moving to and living in Africa, there is new demand. Additionally, Jiangxiaobai’s brand image of living life to its fullest, is a philosophy that many Africans might find attractive. Certainly, we had a ‘wonderlik’ time!

Africa's Big 7 Girls


Seamlessly the tour continued, this time going back to Asia. There, we attended the Malaysia International Food & Beverage Show at the Kuala Lumpur Convention and Exhibition Centre. From June 26 to 28, the largest international food & beverage exhibition of Malaysia commenced. This fair attracted more than 20,000 visitors from over 50 countries. Local bartender Chin Dibin helped prepare drinks directly at the booth, often getting asked the same question. “Where is it possible to buy a bottle of Jiangxiaobai baijiu?”

Blue Tour - Kuala Lumpur - Visitors

The positivity and great reception during the Blue Tour has been a welcome confirmation of our current path, thus reassuring Jiangxiaobai that it’s on the right track. After all, a balanced mix of tradition and innovation might be the way to go. And let’s not forget a clear nod to the future generations.

Obviously, it is Jiangxiaobai’s wish to come to each of the over 20 countries and regions within reach of Jiangxiaobai distribution. Eventually, we are planning to enter even more markets. We will continue to stir up a good party, and hopefully soon we can also bring the joy to you!

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