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jiang xiao bai sorghum spirit

PURE Collection

PURE 100


This is Chinese liquor for the international market. P100 comes in a handy small bottle of 100 ml and contains finest sorghum spirit from Jiangxiaobai. P stands for PURE, which as one of the three pillars of JIANGXIAOBAI’s flavor concept SLP (smooth, light, pure), carries significant importance to the product code. The redesigned liquor body resembles a shift towards a more international product strategy. An all-new packaging keeps the iconic recognition value of the S series, while picking up modern design elements from minimalist aesthetics.


Basic Information

ABV: 40% vol

Net volume: 100ml

Category:  light-aroma

Ingredient: water, sorghum


Product Review

Color: Clear and clean

Nose: Natural sweet apple aromas with mixed fragrance of fresh grass and honey, clean and elegant

Taste: Clean and smooth taste

Conclusion: Clear and clean in color, with mixed aromas of fresh grass, natural apple and honey, smooth and elegant taste



2022 International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC)    Silver Medal

2022 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC)  Gold Medal

Chinese Popular Baijiu Products and Best Baijiu for Sale | JIANGXIAOBAI

The distilling technique of Chinese traditional spirit has been a result of more than a thousand years of inheritance and has become China’s national quintessence. However, the mission of JIANGXIAOBAI is not only to inherit the tradition, but also yo allow more young people to know, accept and fall in love with Chinese traditional spirit. That is why JIANGXIAOBAI is committed to “The Renaissance of the Old Flavor” of Traditional chinese liquor, baijiu. On one hand, JIANGXIAOBAI focuses on the development of light aroma Chinese traditional spirit, making its sorghum baijiu more soft, more palatable and agreeable than other baijiu with different aroma types. On the other hand, JIANGXIAOBAI’s brand image has been continuously updated, approaching the aesthetic standards of young people with an ever fresher and more fashionable image.

Using traditional techniques and craftsmanship to lead contemporary trends, JIANGXIAOBAI embraces a new generation and opens up a whole new world for traditional Chinese traditional spirit.



100% Sorghum, Selected from Private Farm

Different from most traditional Traditional chinese liquor, JIANGXIAOBAI Pure Collection is made from only water and sorghum. This is the key to the pure taste of liquor body. We follow the selection principle of full, uniform and pure grains to obtain high-quality sorghum raw materials, contributing to a better liquor body.

traditional spirit
traditional spirit

Pure Water from Well-known Baijiu Belt

High-quality water source is a unique origin resource in high-quality Chinese traditional spirit making. High standard water quality can well guarantee that the liquor body free of odd flavor, impurities, or sediment. JIANGXIAOBAI Pure Collection only uses pure water from natural high-quality water source of Yangtze River Well-known Baijiu Belt. The selection standard of brewing water is extremely strict. The total hardness should be less than 178mg/L, and the salinity is low, with a total salt content of less than 100mg/L.

Blue Stone Pit

The fermentation pit is made of local blue stone, which is clean, bacteria-free, and easy to wash. It can protect the fermentation process from bacteria pollution and obtain stable and pure liquor quality. The clean fermentation environment ensures our Traditional chinese liquor made with it have a pure liquor body.

traditional spirit
traditional spirit

Solid-state Fermentation

Fermentation is an important part for making Chinese traditional spirit. Different baijiu companies may use different techniques. For optimal liquor body quality, we greatly extend the fermentation cycle and control the liquor yield to ensure the baijiu has high quality liquor body and tastes better. Through the innovation of fermentation equipment and technology, the liquor body was further purified, the odd flavor was removed so that the liquor body is more pure and fragrant.


Therefore, our Chinese traditional spirit Pure Collection is smooth on palate, light in alcohol content and pure in taste. What’s more, PURE series products are set with different sizes to meet the needs of various markets and channels. If you are interested in Traditional chinese liquor, reach out to us now.

traditional spirit

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