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How Jiangji’s Fruit Wine Excite Your Taste Buds and Mind


When it comes to distilleries of fruit wine, our brand, Jiangji, emerges as an innovative brand that tickles both your taste buds and imagination. Crafting a symphony of flavors, Our  fruit-infused baijiu collection is an exquisite fusion of Chinese tradition and innovation.

With that said, let’s explore our delightful fruity liquors that not only honor ancient Chinese preferences but transform them for modern taste buds as well.


Peach Flavored Fruity Liquor Baijiu

The extraordinary blend of our peach-flavored fruit wine baijiu seamlessly combines the purity of sorghum baijiu with the vibrant essence and flavor of over 35% peach juice. Created with a deep understanding of evolving preferences, this fruity liquor is tailor-made for a younger audience seeking refreshing indulgences while keeping the traditional Chinese Baijiu tastes in mind. It contains concentrated peach juice and apple juice, the latter just elevates the peach flavor onto a different level.

In the meanwhile, one bottle of this peach flavored fruit wine stores 168 ml of the substance and has a 23 percent ABV (alcohol by volume), making it the strongest alcoholic fruity baijiu we have to offer.

 fruit wine

White Grape Flavored Fruit Wine Baijiu

Our white grape flavored fruit wine baijiu carries forward this legacy by blending pure sorghum baijiu with the sweet flavor of white grape juice. About 30 percent of the substance in the bottle is pure and fresh white grape juice which makes this fruity liquor a highly refreshing and sophisticated drinking experience. Moreover, this concoction also contains concentrated apple juice which serves as a base for these fruity baijiu and helps the flavor become more intense.

With the same bottle size of 168 ml, this fruity liquor has a slightly lower ABV of 15 percent. But not to worry, this white grape juice baijiu is still highly intoxicating and flavorful that dances on your taste buds.


 fruit wine

Jiangji’s Mixed fruit wine Baijiu

Our mixed fruits flavored baijiu portrays this profound relationship by seamlessly blending pure sorghum baijiu with more than 30% concentrated fruit juices. This fruit wine includes concentrated lemon juice, orange juice, and concentrated apple juice that ensures plenty of flavor with every sip, the latter being a base of flavor for all Jiangji fruity baijiu. With the same bottle size of 168 ml like other fruity liquor baijiu, this mixed fruit wine also has a 15 percent ABV, like the white grape flavored baijiu which is enough to have a kick with it and a refreshing fruity flavor.

fruity liquor

Meijian Original Flavor Plum Fruity Liquor Collection

Our Meijian original flavor green plum fruity liquor takes inspiration from the traditional Chinese sugar curing process, where plum juice is carefully extracted after a 90-day soaking period. This essence of plum is then skillfully combined with handcrafted single sorghum baijiu and stored in pottery jars, resulting in a liquor that boasts a rich plum fragrance with a harmonious balance of sweetness and sourness.

Each bottle contains 750 ml of this fruit wine with a 12 percent ABV and a blend of sorghum, and green plum juice. With each sip, you will encounter sweet and sour notes with a fresh fruity taste.

 fruit wine

Meijian Smoky Flavor Plum Liquor Collection

Our Meijian green plum liqueur with a smoky flavor presents a sweet and mellow profile, enriched by the unique taste of smoked plum. This exceptional creation was honored with the prestigious 2021 Monde Gold Award, a testament to its unrivaled smoky essence.

This smoky plum fruit wine contains a 14 percent ABV in a 750 ml bottle and ingredients include sorghum, green plum juice and smoked plum juice to give that smoky aftertaste. The taste is a delightful blend of sweetness and sourness, heightened by the unique smoky flavor of smoked plum.

fruity liquor


The symphony of flavors masterfully blended in our fruity liquor baijiu collection stands as a statement to the allure of fruit wines. Our dedication to bringing back history while embracing modernity gives the new generation a taste of baijiu in a newer fashion.

For more details regarding our fruit wine baijiu and other alcoholic beverages we produce, click here to visit our website!

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