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Jiangxiaobai Presented its MIX Series in the South Korean Exhibition to Conquer the Taste Buds of Global Consumers with Chinese Sorghum Baijiu


Jiangxiaobai participated in the Seoul Bar & Spirit Show of South Korea from September 15 to 17. As the only Chinese baijiu brand shown in the exhibition, Jiangxiaobai MIX series, also seen as featured products of Jiangxiaobai, has brought people of South Korea the flavor of Chinese baijiu and has drawn public attention both at the exhibition and local area.

This is the second time Jiangxiaobai was shown in the Seoul Bar & Spirits show after its appearance in exhibitions in South Korea, Malaysia, South Africa and other regions in 2017. It aims to promote Chinese light-aroma baijiu culture to the world and let more world-wide consumers know about Chinese brewing.

14,000 people visited Jiangxiaobai’s booth and tasted more than 8,000 cups of mixed drinks

The Seoul Bar & Spirit Show, co-sponsored by EXPORUM and International MICE Expert Association, was held for the first time in 2021. As the most authoritative and exclusive bar and professional spirits show in South Korea, it mainly displays whisky, brandy, gin, rum, vodka and other spirits brands and related mixed drinks and cocktail products, bringing together most liquor merchants and bar practitioners of the country.

It is reported that the 3-day show has attracted 20,000 liquor lovers and brought together about 150 liquor-related enterprises to the show, including famous liquor producers and sales channels such as Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi, Suntory, Hyundai and New World Department Store.

Previously, Jiangxiaobai MIX also appeared in international exhibitions such as Seoul International Wine & Spirits Expo (SIWSE), Malaysia International Food and Beverage Trade Fair (MIFB) and Africa’s Big 7, attracting consumers around the world to taste Jiangxiaobai MIX and feel the charm of Chinese light aroma baijiu and the fun of mixed drinks.

Taking Chinese native sorghum baijiu as its base liquor, MIX is becoming popular around the world.

Jiangxiaobai MIX is a mixed drinking project officially launched by the company in 2019. Its base liquor is sorghum baijiu produced locally in China, which is light in flavor, pure in liquor body, and smooth in taste. Its liquor body was tasted and praised by Chinese baijiu master Hu Yongsong, Du Xiaowei, and Zhang Wujiu. They described it as “pure and elegant with delectable fruit fragrance, soft and sweet mouthfeel”. Teng Lei, a Chinese first-class sommelier, also commended that “it smells so comfortable with a hint of pine nut fragrance and cream fragrance, and has a soft and sweet mouthfeel.”

Creatively blending sorghum baijiu with soft drinks such as fruit juice and soda can enhance the drinker’s drinking experience and richness of palate.

The idea of Jiangxiaobai MIX comes from the tour of Jiangxiaobai’s mobile pub around the country. The mixed drinks made by Jiangxiaobai baijiu as base liquor with various juices and beverages is so popular, attracting nearly 250,000 people to taste it. Since then, for international markets, Jiangxiaobai has launched seven cocktails with sorghum baijiu as its base liquor and three easy-to-make mixed drinks that mixed with soft drinks after repeated experiments and research.

The famous Japanese magazine The Adult Weekend published Jiangxiaobai MIX series, praising its refreshing and delicious taste. In July 2022, the mixed drinking way became popular in Korea, Malaysia, Europe and other regions. Many internet celebrities showed their DIY drinks with Jiangxiaobai on social media platforms, such as “Jiangxiaobai + Ginger Ale”, “Jiangxiaobai + Lemon Soda” and “Jiangxiaobai + Juice”.

In 2019, the Minister of Tourism of South Africa tasted Jiangxiaobai MIX and spoke highly of it. Many South African consumers also said that Jiangxiaobai MIX was rich and refreshing in taste, which was close to their drinking habits and was a good choice for daily drinking.


At the exhibition, Jiangxiaobai also presented the Jiangxiaobai white grape flavored baijiu, peach flavored baijiu, and Meijian green plum wine to consumers. With the product positioning of palate-friendly, international and fashion, the light-aroma baijiu flavor and brand-new taste of Jiangxiaobai are favored and welcomed by a large scale of global fans.

So far, Jiangxiaobai has won more than 170 prizes in major global spirits competitions. Its sales networks cover more than 20 countries and regions around the world, including Germany, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, thus becoming a new force for Chinese baijiu brands to take a share in the international market.

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