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Just Battle Season Ⅰ

Dec. 14, 2017

Success Originates From True Passion and Love, Rather Than Intentional Persistence

The upsurge caused by hip-hop music is still continuing, and a new round of street dance is coming soon. Recently, Yang Wenhao, the first Chinese to become poppin champion in the U.S., announced his participation in JIANGXIAOBAI JUST BATTLE International Street Dance Competition as one of the judges. This competition is said to be held in Chongqing from December 1st to 3rd, with 15 outstanding street dance celebrities from China, America, France, Japan and other countries to participate as judges. A grand international show is coming soon.

           street battle dance     

Yang Wenhao is a pioneer for unusual and modern forms of dance in China, and also the first Chinese to become poppin champion in America. Hence, his attendance will undoubtedly make the competition more prestigious and attractive. In addition, international popular street dance celebrities will appear on the judge list of this competition, such as Hugo, Franqey, Thesis, Flying Buddha and Henry Link.

Yang Wenhao was born in Chongqing and he explains how he feels to participate as one of the judges of this competition in Chongqing. “I started my street dance career in Chongqing at the age of 15 and received formal street dance training at the Beijing Contemporary Music Academy. Now I feel very excited to participate in a high-level international street dance competition in Chongqing”, Yang Wenhao says. “There were many times of frustration for me as a street dancer. For example, body injuries, career plateaus, quarrels with my relatives and friends and actual struggle for survival… I think the reason for my persistence lies in the pure love for street dance.”

As for street dance, Yang Wenhao has his own unique understandings. “Through street dance, you can be unique and express yourself in a less conventional manner, which makes it different from other dances. In other words, street dance is very free-style and self-centered. I think street dance delivers the definition for oneself, reality and love”, Yang Wenhao says. He also expresses his encouragement to participants in this competition, “the competition is just one of many forms of dances, so do not pay much attention to its results. On the contrary, it’s very important to show who you are through the dance. I hope everyone can enjoy the process and I wish the competition a great success!”

                street battle dance              street battle dance

JIANGXIAOBAI names this competition Just Battle, which is full of implication. “Battle” refers to “fighting for something/somebody” in Chinese, and the “confrontation between two participants” in street dance (e.g. “dance battle”). Street dance originated in the U.S. in the 1960s, forming the essence of the hip-hop culture together with RAP, GRAFFITI and DJing. Street dance advocates freedom and rebellion, and encourages people to break all the rules. JIANGXIAOBAI JUST BATTLE International Street Dance Competition not only provides participants with a performance stage but also gives a channel for youth rebellion. JUST BATTLE is a summoning call not only for dancers, but also for young people looking for a new challenge.

Street dance, from the early street culture, has grown into an important component for the upsurge of global fashion culture in the world. JIANGXIAOBAI JUST BATTLE International Street Dance Competition is considered an opportunity both for Chinese street dancers to dance on the international stage and for the global street dance circle to know Chinese street dance better.

“From JIANGXIAOBAI YOLO Hip-Hop Music Festival, to the youth love & suspense animation – I Am JIANGXIAOBAI, to JIANGXIAOBAI JUST BATTLE International Street Dance Competition, JIANGXIAOBAI always advocates the life attitudes of simplicity & purity and independent thought and true self”. One staff of JIANGXIAOBAI says, “JIANGXIAOBAI advocates its brand idea of “Joy Above All” and tries to provide young people with more platforms to show who they really are”.

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