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Chinese Spirit Comes to India | Brand Launch of JIANGXIAOBAI in Bangalore, New Delhi, Mumbai


As a hot spot for Chinese investment overseas, India also takes the pie when it comes to Chinese liquor companies eyeing the market. However, due to the high fragmentation, religion, high taxes and consumption habits, the sales of liquor in India can be challenging. Now, with their recent brand launch, JIANGXIAOBAI hopes to become the first baijiu company to succeed in the Indian market.

India Launch Party Attendants

JIANGXIAOBAI pinpoints position

On December 7th, JIANGXIAOBAI held its press conference at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangalore, in the south of India. It was a historic moment, as it was the first time for Chinese baijiu to make an appearance in India. The conference was held under oversight of the director of JIANGXIAOBAI International Business Center, Fu Peng and the JIANGXIAOBAI director for India, Leonard Menezes. Also present were leading brand ambassador for India, Rojita Tiwari, local industry media, and leaders in the Indian spirits industry.

At the launch, JIANGXIAOBAI explained its brand story, brand concept and values and presented global flagship product PURE. JIANGXIAOBAI’s first press conference in India will be followed by a number of press conferences, baijiu master classes and tasting sessions in New Delhi and Mumbai.

India Launch Party Team

The opportunities and challenges of the Indian market

India is the largest country in the South Asian subcontinent and the second most populous country in the world. Rapid economic growth turned the country into one of the world’s most important exporters of software, finance and services. In 2011, India’s GDP was 4.457 trillion US dollars, ranking third with Japan in the world, behind the United States and China.

With a young population and a growing middle class, India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for alcohol products in the Asia-Pacific region. According to the Global Data 2018 Indian Alcoholic Beverage Market Survey, the consumption of spirits accounts for 52.1% of the entire Indian alcohol market. Also, the Indian spirits market, which has been dominated by whiskey for a long time, requires the addition of new spirits categories. However, the Indian government has strict regulations on alcohol and high import tax surcharges. Entering the Indian market will be a great opportunity and a challenge for Chinese baijiu.

Applying the right strategy

At the brand conference, director of JIANGXIAOBAI International Business Center, Mr. Fu, expressed his admiration for India’s ancient and rich history and culture. After two investigations in the Indian market, he sees the huge potential there. He pointed out, that India’s middle class is growing rapidly, and young alcohol consumers are full of energy and curiosity. But for them, Chinese baijiu is a new and unknown category.

If JIANGXIAOBAI wants to be successful in the Indian market, the baijiu brand needs to apply the right strategy. JIANGXIAOBAI are certainly in it for the long game. Therefore, the courage to accept setbacks and challenges is a prerequisite to do well. With the continuous efforts to spearhead the global emergence of baijiu, Mr. Fu firmly believes in a great future in India. JIANGXIAOBAI will work closely with its distributors and stay true to its young brand connotation. This they want to achieve by sticking to the brand concept of simplicity. Another key element to getting a win-win situation, is mutual trust. Let’s bring the charm of East Asian spirits to this beautiful ancient South Asian country together.

India Launch Party PURE product

Winning over the Indian palate

Before the official press conference in Bangalore, JIANGXIAOBAI held a baijiu masterclass and a baijiu tasting. Spirit experts and enthusiasts were invited to experience the quality and taste of JIANGXIAOBAI products. Doing so, they gained a new understanding for Chinese baijiu. After the masterclass, professional bartenders mixed baijiu cocktails from the J-Mix portfolio. The presented cocktails with PURE as base liquor received a warm welcome. In the end, JIANGXIAOBAI’s mild sorghum aroma and silky texture seemingly won over the palates of the Indian attendants.

India Launch Party Crowd

Throughout the Indian brand launch campaign, JIANGXIAOBAI will hold four brand conferences in the three cities of Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai. Entering the market of India is an important step for the internationalization of Chinese baijiu. If JIANGXIAOBAI can manage to bring more appreciation for Chinese baijiu to the people of India, this may mark a unique breakthrough for baijiu globally.

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