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A JIANGXIAOBAI Cocktail Party – 6 Baijiu Cocktails you Wish you had Known Before


It’s a cool late-autumn night. We get inside Na Riddle Bar. Meet Peter, a representative of the Eastern sphere of cocktails, and his Western counterpart Michael. They, together with other bartenders from all over the world, are participants in the IBA World Cocktail Championships in Chengdu. But tonight, they will introduce us to the world of Chinese baijiu–welcome to the JIANGXIAOBAI Cocktail Party.

Peter and Michael, two class-act bartenders.

The bar is bustling with people. The two established bartenders are going to present their own recipes to the guests. It’s not just an ordinary display of bartending. Be in for a night of surprise.

A wonderful collision of fire and water ensues. It is a harmonious blend of the wild and the quiet heart. It is a friendly dialogue between the East and the West. Come, and try the novel baijiu cocktails of the night with us. Not only can you sip a delicious drink, but also experience traditional Chinese spirits with the added charm of modern bartending.

But let’s cut to the chase. Here are Michael’s and Peter’s custom-creation cocktails with JIANGXIAOBAI Hand-Craft Black Label as base liquor. Both bartenders mixed three unique drinks, infused with a lot of passion and expertise.

Peter’s Cocktails

Here is Peter’s oriental mix “Night Patrol”. Blended together are sweet-scented osmanthus and rich pineapple juice, stacking diversified layers of flavor. Did Peter aim to create an allegory for Eastern philosophy’s tolerant romanticism here? Well played.

Behold this stunning drink. Peter describes “Tanghulu” as “porcelain gourd–youth is a feeling”. Traditional Chinese candied fruit in sweet and sour liquid makes this a delicate seasonal drink.

“Orange in Mandarin”–Experience a warm glow of color and well-balanced flavors. This is as Chinese as it gets. The romance of rose, the freshness of lime, the sweetness of fresh tangerine, it’s all in this oriental cocktail.

While Peter’s three cocktails embody the elegant romance of the East, Michael’s three represent the wild energy of the West.

Michael’s Cocktails

“Beer Temper” has to be the mildest, yet hard-core, mix of the evening. Accompanied by the malt aroma of beer, rosemary, lemon juice and soda water are blended together. Rough and delicate. Simple and intriguing.

Based on the traditional rye-whisky-and-sugar culture in the southern United States, Michael created this variation for western China: In “Roasted Dream” rye whiskey meets JIANGXIAOBAI Hand-Craft Black Label. The two American and Chinese tough guys get together, creating a strong atmosphere of companionship. Orange slice, lemon slice and cinnamon stick for the comforting garnish.

Finally, “Hawaii Sunset” brings the drinker to the island state in the middle of the Pacific ocean. A display of sparks brings smoked aroma to a marine base flavor. Choya Umeshu and Laphroaig with lemon and blue butterfly pea. Surprisingly, the taste is balanced and fresh. What a great final for a night of wonders. What a perfect conclusion to a busy day.

So far, use of baijiu has been rare in the Western field of mixology. Not many bartenders are experienced with the complex culture of baijiu. The flavor structure, background information, and emotional connotation of the iconic spirit are new to most traditionally trained bartenders.

For this cocktail party, JIANGXIAOBAI was putting in the effort to find qualified mixologists with the cultural sensibility to bring together the worlds of the East and the West. The producer of sorghum spirits hopes, that consumers around the world can find appreciation for this fabled spirit, so they can share their passion with you!

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