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Jiangxiaobai Baijiu (Gold Lid) Won Top Prize Again, Continuing to Show Its Strength in New Brewing Ecology of Baijiu


Recently, the 23rd Spirits Selection by CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES (CMB) officially released its results to the whole world, and “Jiangxiaobai the 10th Anniversary Special Edition (Gold Lid) 52% ABV” won the gold medal. As of May this year, Jiangxiaobai Liquor Co., Ltd. has won more than 140 international awards.

This time, what also stood on the CMB podium with Jiangxiaobai is Maotai, a famous domestic baijiu brand. It seems to be the “highlight” for Jiangxiaobai – a brand with only ten years’ history to win the world award together with Maotai- a brand with hundred years’ history. One is like a leading big brother in the baijiu industry and another a new star, together bringing Chinese Baijiu with different flavors to the world stage.

2030 Entries, 120 Judges, Score by Blind Tasting

It is reported that Spirits Selection by CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES (CMB) is one of the three top spirits competitions in the world, which is known as the “Olympic Games in Spirits Industry”. This year has witnessed the upgrade in competition. 2,030 entries from 60 countries and regions took part in the competition, with an increase of 13% over last year, reaching the highest number ever.

More than 120 international judges from 34 countries formed the panel. They need to strictly evaluate all the samples within 3 days by blind tasting to score and select three major awards: Grand Gold Award, Gold Award and Silver Award. The final results will be subjected to the dual certification of the Kingdom of Belgium and the European Union.

After multiple selections, Jiangxiaobai the 10th Anniversary Special Edition (Gold Lid) 52% ABV won the gold medal in this competition with excellent quality and unique taste. The most distinctive character of Jiangxiaobai Baijiu(Gold Lid) is the grain aromas and refreshing sweet taste. It is a perfect table wine that will not take away the taste of food, bringing a harmonious and unified taste bud experience.

Previously, baijiu masters Hu Yongsong, Du Xiaowei, and Zhang Wujiu, etc. had tasted the Gold Lid and described it “pure and elegant, with delectable fruit fragrance, smooth and sweet mouth feel”. Teng Lei, a national first-class baijiu taster, also commended that “its aroma is balanced and comfortable, soft and sweet mouth feel with a hint of pine nut fragrance and cream fragrance on the nose.”

Shao Jiayan, a national baijiu judge, pointed out that the unique taste attributes to the distilling techniques and the selection of raw materials.

Gold Lid adopts the third-generation liquor body of Jiangxiaobai, which is distilled by the Pure Distilling Techniques. Unlike traditional baijiu brands, it uses only sorghum as raw material and low fermentation agent, which contributes to less distilled alcoholic fermentative grain flavor and cellar mud flavor. The 52% ABV setting maximizes the strong sorghum grain flavor of the original sorghum liquor, making it highly competitive.

New Brewing Ecology of Farm and Distillery Symbiosis

The key to the Gold Lid taste attributes to the new brewing ecology of farm and distillery symbiosis. After the establishment of Jiangxiaobai brand, it used the majority of money historically financed and most of the revenue to invest in alcohol production. After spending more than 3 billion yuan, it has built farms and distillery in Chongqing, Sichuan and Guizhou area, and set up a distiller team comparable to the first-line baijiu companies. At present, the distillery covers an area of nearly 1,000 mu, the demonstration self-planting base of gold skin glutinous sorghum is 10,000 mu and sorghum directly supplied from Shuozhou, Shanxi is 100,000 mu. Every year, there has at least 48,000 tons storage of aged baijiu, which has realized the transformation from “Jiang Xiaobai” to “Jiang Laobai”.

What is highly praised in the baijiu industry is “slow is fast”, and Jiangxiaobai almost put all the money and energy into creating a new distilling ecology, and thus create such good baijiu as Gold Lid after many years of efforts. It is worth noting that many baijiu companies with a market value of hundreds of billions of yuan buy raw materials in the way of purchasing sorghum from other places, and few of them grow sorghum themselves or own their own farms. If they are ranked in this dimension, Jiangxiaobai may rank first. It is said that Jiangxiaobai’s 10,000-mu farm in Huang Zhuang Village, Jiangjin was even a barren land five years ago.

From distillery to farm, from fresh baijiu to aged baijiu, from expression bottle to Gold Lid sorghum baijiu with 52% ABV, Jiangxiaobai is constantly expanding new categories based on the whole industrial chain. Some experts in the industry stress that Jiangxiaobai’s core competence is this super distillery complex. It is this brewing format which has strong category research and development capabilities that it can continuously create new products.

“Five Unexpected” under the Hard Power of Brewing

From selling baijiu to making baijiu, Jiangxiaobai now is making the whole industrial chain to create Gold Lid Baijiu with 52% ABV. Many people did not understand why the company took such operation. So, when they see the nonexistent things created by Jiangxiaobai as time goes by, they can’t help but to say “totally unexpected”.

They did not expect that foreigners would directly equate Chinese Baijiu with Jiangxiaobai; They didn’t expect that the company’s registered capital was increased to 925 million yuan this year while that in 2012 was only 10 million yuan and it has reached the level of the top six baijiu production enterprises, compared with 19 listed A-share baijiu companies; They didn’t expect that the company would open up a giant farm of 10000 mu in a hilly and mountainous area, and the scale of the brewing base could be called the largest light aroma baijiu production distillery in western China; They did not expect that Jiangxiaobai would be a neighbor of Wuliangye and Maotai, which is located in China’s top baijiu brewing area, within an hour’s drive; They did not expect that Jiangxiaobai could make good baijiu with 52% ABV like Gold Lid, in addition to the small bottle baijiu with 40% ABV.

Besides, few people know such a historical fact that Chongqing was called Ba in ancient times, and Ba Liquor had already been famous in the pre-Qin period. The King of Qin and Ba people used dragon-shaped gold and Ba Liquor as pledge between the two countries. It was also written in Commentary on the Waterways Classic by Li Daoyuan, “The people in Ba village are good at brewing, and the county is famous for its liquor.” After thousands of years of ups and downs, Ba Liquor has its inheritor in Baisha, Jiangjin, where Jiangxiaobai’s production base is located. Jiangxiaobai has also completed the inheritance of brewing skills in the form of protective acquisition. Today, these people have inherited and developed the brewing skills and brought them to the world stage for recognition, which is the glory of Chinese Ba Liquor and the blessing of the alcohol industry.

With the hard power, Jiangxiaobai has also become a “big winner” in the spirits competitions. It has taken part in various international spirits competitions and received more than 140 international awards. While Jiangxiaobai the 10th Anniversary Special Edition (Gold Lid) 52% ABV won the gold medal in Spirits Selection by CONCOURS MONDIAL DE BRUXELLES (CMB), it also won the Gold Award of Monde Selection three months ago.

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