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How Tencent and Jiangxiaobai Rejuvenated a Traditional Spirit Category | 白酒年轻化很难吗?看看腾讯和江小白是怎么做的


During dinner time, if you look around the hotpot restaurants on the streets of Chongqing, you will find that on the tables occupied by young people, in addition to Chongqing’s local Weiyi soy milk, there is a small bottle of baijiu.

Its packaging is light, and the bottle is printed with inspirational quotes, “The person in your phone is sitting opposite, why do you still stare at the phone?”, “I hope to pour you baijiu after ten years. And we are still old friends then.” This liquor brand called “Jiangxiaobai” has brought tremendous uproar to the Chinese baijiu industry since it was launched in 2012. It used its own unique packaging, young image and heart-to-heart communication to successfully make young people fall in love with drinking baijiu.

Tao Shiquan, founder and CEO of Jiangxiaobai, once revealed that “after 7 years of deep cultivation, Jiangxiaobai’s sales have exceeded 2 billion yuan in 2018, and he finally managed to cash tickets to both the national and the young adult’s market.”

On April 9, Jiangxiaobai and Tencent held a conference in Chongqing, discussing future collaborations. By integrating resources and capabilities of both parties, Jiangxiaobai would be assisted in strategic upgrading and tactical transformation, and be able to accelerate development of its smart omni-channel marketing in the liquor industry.

At the same time, the combination of Tencent and Jiangxiaobai created a special plan for the industry–called the “4 Cups”–from the data insights, user scenes, content, and smart retail alcohol, and promote Jiangxiaobai in the new drinking era of the new trend, to establish their own unique existence in the market of young people.

Cup #1: Where are Young People Hanging out (also Digital Spaces), what Moves them Emotionally?

“In the current era, the needs and demands of young people in drinks are much more diverse. Based on the ability of Tencent’s insights and its advantages in analyzing and creating user connections, with Jiangxiaobai bringing sensible understanding for a new generation of young people to the table, starting from the interest of consumers, or achieving perceptual recognition of young consumer groups, Jiangxiaobai’s product innovation and user experience can be greatly helped to continue to optimize and upgrade,” Tencent’s general manager for consumer advertising, Yan Na, said at the conference.

Indeed, in a young consumer dominated society, their diversified personal preferences have (due to depth and breadth) become the most difficult to capture insights on.

Tencent’s data insights can help Jiangxiaobai understand young people in different scenarios much more in-depth. This helps to expand the consumer base and target consumers more accurately.

Cup #2: The Full Range of User Scenarios. What do Young People Like?

Finding consumer groups is not enough. Jiangxiaobai has a large number of product lines to meet the different needs of young people in different market segments. For example, Jiangxiaobai encourages young people to use Jiangxiaobai as base liquor, adding other beverages to make their favorite alcoholic mix or cocktails, and living their individuality on different occasions.

In cooperation with Tencent, Jiangxiaobai can take advantage of the full coverage of Tencent platform products, relying on WeChat, QQ, Tencent Video, Tencent News, QQ Music and other platforms to better penetrate social, entertainment, information and other scenarios. The advantages for creating deeper connections with Jiangxiaobai’s consumer group are obvious.

Among these contacts, Jiangxiaobai was able to use the characteristics and usage scenarios of different platforms, communicate with targeted consumer groups in a targeted manner, find a resonance point between brands and young people, and establish closer ties with young people. In order to truly realize the communication and transformation of “finding consumers – reaching consumers – impressing consumers”.

Cup #3: IP Superposition to Achieve Value Resonance. How to Infiltrate the Gathering Places of Young People?

No one now doubts the huge effect that IP crossover has on a brand’s communication. In fact, Jiangxiaobai has an innate advantage in the use of IP. When it went public, it began to use original copywriting and user interaction to kickstart the market–to some extent, Jiangxiaobai itself is IP. In cooperation with Tencent, owner to a vast array of high-quality content, among which one can find Jiangxiaobai’s creations, this concept is even amplified.

In the internet show “Go Fridge”, created by Tencent Video, Jiangxiaobai deeply customizes common show concepts and communicates with young people through an all-time favorite topic, food, catching the trend of value entertainment. In addition, thanks to Tencent’s capability of super exposure, Jiangxiaobai’s YOLO music festival has been featured on all channels, becoming a culture phenomenon amongst the young. QQ Music gives another example of Jiangxiaobai’s integration with pop culture. By creating the right content for the right people, a strong emotional resonance can be achieved.

Cup #4: Embracing Digitalization. Smart Retail Helps Interoperability with Users.

If you are familiar with Jiangxiaobai, you might know that in 2015, the brand had already started digital operations. With the data and technology of Tencent, Jiangxiaobai could rely on the authenticity of data and the process of information logistics through QR codes on the bottle. Jiangxiaobai was also among the first batch of consumer brands to realize Tencent’s “Excellent Code” program.

Tencent’s high-quality solution for Jiangxiaobai has achieved an opening for products and marketing, making each product a digital contact that connects brands with young consumers, providing more accurate and customized services–a drinking culture with emotions, achieving long-term growth.

This time, the cooperation between Jiangxiaobai and Tencent will be even deeper. Tencent’s mini program, WeChat payment, WeChat for corporations, cloud service, digital traffic, as well as other capabilities, have opened up online and offline channels, allowing Jiangxiaobai to truly establish a 360° connection with young consumer groups and accumulate digital assets. These mechanisms help to establish a complete smart retail system, paying homage to the digital age.

“One of the common sayings today, is that brand activation works just like the cell metabolism. If our users are not constantly updating and continuing to iterate as the company grows, the new brand will age sooner or later.” Tencent Advertising Consumer Products deputy director Song Wei, remarks, “Tencent’s smart retail, based on Tencent’s marketing data, has enabled Jiangxiaobai to continuously reactivate the brand in forceful fashion.”

In Jiangxiaobai’s intelligent upgrade of the whole industry chain, how to maximize the value of users by leveraging technology, data and content IP is yet the biggest take-away of the cooperation between Tencent and Jiangxiaobai.

Tencent can connect all platforms in series to provide full-time, highly active 360° connectivity–fully connecting social, information, entertainment, tools and other Tencent system aspects, achieving high efficiency across the screen for liquor consumers–creating a short link, and setting up a high efficiency transmission loop. Based on this ecology, Jiangxiaobai’s brand value can be further magnified–through finding young customers, to online communication, to optimization and upgrading of offline smart retail.

Seven years ago, Jiangxiaobai used unique positioning to make a splash in the aged liquor industry; 7 years later, from one small bottle of baijiu to an entire sorghum plantation and baijiu distillery, Jiangxiaobai eventually covers an entire industrial chain layout to provide a path for the industry to learn from.


















第三杯:IP强强叠加 实现价值共振




智慧零售 助力与用户的互联互通

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