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Jiangxiaobai in Collaboration with Queen Sea Big Shark


The night of September 6th, 2017, during the “Tmall 9.9 Global Wine and Spirits Festival”, Jiangxiaobai’s online flagship store at Tmall organized a collaboration with band Queen Sea Big Shark at Mao Livehouse, Hangzhou to unveil its new product Born to Be Free. There were over 500 fans from all over China to take part in the activity.

By organizing a rock ‘n’ roll show for launching its new product, Jiangxiaobai brought a massive surprise to Hangzhou. Different from a traditional product launch, Born to Be Free · Music Composing Action is more like a grand party exclusively for the young who worship freedom and love rock `n` roll: arcade games, graffiti, rock `n` roll and mixed drinks dominate the street, making for a new hotspot in Hangzhou.


Enriching Chinese Liquor Culture, Innovating Product Launch Events



“Born to Be Free · Music Composing Action” is the launch event for Jiangxiaobai’s new product named Born to Be Free. However, what the journalists experienced was more of a rock `n` roll party for the young in conjunction with multiple activities and games on the site.

The event had four game stations that represent Born to Be Free, namely “Label Run”, an arcade game station, the music lab and a graffiti station. Together they provided an all-round experience of freedom featured by Jiangxiaobai, which means seeking and finding joy in anything, anywhere and anytime.

The center features a “music lab” with the theme “all can be composed”: as the base spirit, Born to be free is mixed with other drinks to redefine how to drink Chinese spirits. As a premium base spirit, Born to Be Free can be mixed perfectly with cumquat, lemon, mint leaf, juice and others as well as be blended into a brand new personalized light drink. “Its characteristics shape its role as the ideal base spirit. We also hope that this way Chinese spirits fit in better with the young,” says an on-site team member.

Jiangxiaobai’s New Product Boosting 9.9 Global Wine and Spirits Festival in Collaboration with Tmall

This year marks the 2nd “Tmall 9.9 Global Wine and Spirits Festival”. With Jiangxiaobai’s flagship store on Tmall launching the new product, Jiangxiaobai appears on the stage of wine and spirits once again.

Born to Be Free is the single best-selling item of Jiangxiaobai’s flagship store on Tmall besides Express Bottle. Brand new packaging and product specifications will be released this year. The upgraded product will feature a stronger sense of design and fashion, satisfying taste and demand of the new generation.

“Born to Be Free · Music Composing Action” is one of the key brand activities at the “Tmall 9.9 Global Wine and spirits Festival”. The on-site Tmall Spirits staff are invited to lighten the light board for Born to Be Free. The starting device–it consists of four illuminated spin cycles–slowly accumulates energy by the joint pedalling efforts of the cyclists. As the bottle starts to shine, the atmosphere on the site reaches a climax–it’s the announcement that Born to Be Free (700mL) has officially been introduced to the market.

It is noteworthy that this activity creates a link between offline and online by exploring a new way of business for Tmall’s e-business brands. “Born to Be Free · Music Composing Action” linked the offline to the online world–Jiangxiaobai’s flagship store on Tmall uses social media like Weibo, Wechat and others to offer benefits through the offline activities. This marks a ground-breaking innovation.

In addition, “Born to Be Free · Music Composing Action” had an HD live show available on Inke, Yi and Tmall, winning the attention of 3.86 million people.


Cross-Border Rock ‘N’ Roll, Born to Be Free Is More Than Just a Product’s Name

Besides the innovative on-site entertainment, the Born to Be Free launch event was given a highlight with well-known rock `n` roll band Queen Sea Big Shark unveiling the new product. Shortly after the band won the title for best rock `n` roll band on Weibo charts “List of Asian New Songs 2017”, soon became one of the earliest groups from China to acclaim global fame. The band won the attention of the music community both at home and abroad in no time as well as the loyal following of a large number of fans, with their innovative and bold avant-garde style of music.


This is a clear signal from Jiangxiaobai: Jiangxiaobai attempts to open up more ways of dialogue between Chinese spirits and the emerging youth, using more streamlined processes in target audience interaction, as the YOLO hip-hop tour and today’s Born to Be Free incorporating rock `n` roll show.

Born to Be Free is more than just a product’s name. Indeed, it aims to promote self-value and freedom amongst our young people. It can be assumed that it will redefine Chinese spirits in a way more accessible to the young, leaving its very own imprint.

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